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Car Battery Brand Review – Optima Car Battery

Optima Car Batteries are a very popular car battery brand. They are known to be very reliable and pricey. Its reliability and brand comes at a price. They come in three different types: red, blue, and yellow. The batteries are manufactured specifically with the consumer in mind. All these factors combined are the reasons why they are known as the best brand out there but it comes at an expensive price.

Optima’s yellow top batteries is perfect for modern cars. It can repeatedly bounce back from deep power drains to full energy capacity. These batteries usually last up to 2x longer than regular batteries. They have deep cycling and cranking power and are completely spill proof. This means they can be mounted in many positions. Yellow top have faster recharging capabilities and starting power regardless of temperature. Best of all, they are maintenance free. They are perfect for vehicles with multiple electronics and high demanding audio systems.

Optima’s red top are known for their strong ignition power. They have high-CCA(cold cranking amps) and provide the strongest 5-second ignition power. These also last 2x longer than normal batteries. Red top batteries provide 15x more vibration resistance and are also spill proof. They are maintenance free and provide fast recharging capabilities. Ultimately, they are known for their optimal starting power regardless of temperature.

Optima’s blue top are very useful for vehicles such as boats or RVs. They get 3x more recharges and also provide 15x the vibration resistance. As with all Optima car batteries, they are completely spill proof. The extra recharging capabilities that the blue top batteries come with are particularly useful for vehicles such as RVs because RVs tend to drain batteries very quickly with their electronics.

Personally, I have found Optima car batteries to a very good choice even with the cost of them, they have lasted me for quite a few years and have proven extremely durable. They can carry a charge for a very long time and can even be placed in storage for a long time and still be ready-to-use.

In conclusion, this battery brand is only worth it if you intend to use electronically high demanding vehicles;however, if you want a very reliable battery and have the money, you may want to just purchase the optima car batteries. Otherwise, it may be the wisest choice to go with another cheaper and reliable brand.

Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Review – The Pros and Cons

The Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid touts itself as ‘America’s first full-size two-mode SUV hybrid.’ This amazingly fuel efficient hybrid car reduces gas prices for any driver. In fact, this hybrid SUV is so popular that the Green Car Journal has named it the ‘Green Car of the Year.’

The Tahoe is available in two wheel drive or four wheel drive and uses a ‘hybrid propulsion system.’ This system operates in three different ways. First, there is electric power which serves to maximize fuel economy. Second, there is engine power which can be utilized when more power is needed. Third, a combination of the two types of power can be used. This is courtesy of the Vortec V8 which kicks in when needed or shuts off to conserve at other times.

Combat gas prices with Tahoe which uses around 21 miles per gallon (MPG) in the city or 22 MPG on the highway on the two wheel drive models. There is a less than a significant drop for the four wheel drive models: 20 MPG in the city and 20 MPG for highway driving.

The Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid offers excellent fuel economy helping you to save money with the high gas prices. This hybrid car (SUV) offers up to 50% better fuel economy when in the city over the Tahoe that is a non-hybrid. This hybrid SUV truly combines efficiency with the top notch performance that you would expect from any SUV. Go green today with the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid. Who knew that an SUV could be this environmentally friendly AND easy on your wallet?

2010 Acura MDX Review

The 2010 Acura MDX is a lavish crossover car offered with 3 row seating arrangement for accommodating up to seven members. The highlights of this crossover are spacious passenger room, cargo room and excellent handling for off-roading. The all wheel drive is a standard offering on all models.

The conventional Super Handling all wheel drive in this car provides the torque to both front axles as well as to the left and right wheels for better handling and traction. It generates 300 hp with the help of a 3.7 liter V6 engine, which also provides good acceleration. The V6 is paired to a five-speed automatic transmission. The maximum towing ability of the 2010 MDX is 5000 pounds.

The interior region of the new MDX comes loaded with a fine mixture of metallic surfaces and high quality materials. The extra and standard features in this car are 3-zone automatic climate control along with humidity controls and air filtration, 18 inch alloy wheels, a 6-disc changer, hands free Bluetooth, XM satellite radio, and leather upholstery. A rear view camera along with a navigation system is installed for traffic updates. It is capable of minimizing the accidents happening on roads with its collision resistance features. It is also eco friendly as it has been certified by IIHS in 2008.

As a result, the 2010 Acura MDX offers everything that one may expect from a luxury class car, including plenty of passenger room, stunning off-road capabilities, smooth operation, high acceleration, and low environmental emissions.

Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid Review – The Pros and Cons

Trucks don’t usually tend to make the best hybrids, their large engines and very heavy bodies mean that their gas mileage is notoriously low, and it’s difficult to keep the essence of the vehicle and still be able to improve that. People who want a truck typically want something with good towing capacity, power, and able to carry large loads. All of that added together makes it hard to save gas on the road, but with fuel economy becoming one of the most important buying decisions in automobile sales, Chevrolet thinks they can do just that.

The Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid is a brand new offering for the 2009 model year, and so most review companies are only getting their first look at it. It’s known that the truck uses GM’s 6.0L V-8 combined with a hybrid electric motor that helps with extremely low speed and coasting. Combined, the truck gets 21 mpg in the city and 22 on the highway in two-wheel drive.

The 4WD version gets just about an even 20/20. As is pretty standard for most trucks and SUV’s that are converted to hybrid models, the gas mileage offered is superior to the non-hybrid models by only a small margin, and very ‘so-so’ for the hybrid car market overall. Chevrolet hopes the new Silverado hybrid offering keeps buyers interested in their full sized line up for years to come.

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Nexen N5000 Review – What You Can Expect

The Nexen N5000 is a perfect ultra high performance all season driving tire as its’ target usage is geared more toward the casual car enthusiast, rather than the intense racing aficionado. But don’t sell this awesome tire short as it sports an ultra-sleek design that looks great on a set of slick aluminum rims. Anyone wanting to sport up their favorite hot rod will definitely want to make the N5000 their choice for their new project car.

The N5000’s design includes an impressive reduced noise variable pitch tread design that will make the car they’re attached to stealthily quiet, yet handle like a dream. If tricking out the ultimate show car is important to you, then the N5000 is the street rod tire of your dreams.

Featuring a wide and deep directional groove provides for more than adequate water drainage and braking ability, as these tires make great choice for your every day driving needs. They’ll look impressive and sleek on your brand-new sports car or weekend racing toy. The N5000 street rod tire will handle like a dream and maintain just the right amount of friction for handling even the tightest of curves.

Their speed rating is H & V, which translates into a top speed of 130 to 149 mph, or 210 to 240 km/h. As you can see, these tires are perfect for the amateur racecar driver or home car restoration fan. With speed ratings like this, the Nexen N5000 tire is perfect for anyone wanting speed performance, or a general use tire that will impress, as well as perform.

The Nexen N5000’s come with an impressive 60,000 mile replacement warranty, which should prove to you that the manufacturer is willing to stand by this impressive tire. When seeking out the best option for your performance tire needs, the Nexen 5000 should definitely be on your short list of tire choices.

Autel Maxidas DS708 Review – Pros And Cons Of a Vehicle Scanner

Are you are planning to buy an Autel Maxidas DS708 vehicle scanner to diagnose any problems with a vehicle? If you own a car repair shop then one of these is absolutely necessary for your work. This vehicle diagnostic system costs upwards of $1000 depending on who you buy it from and therefore you need to be absolutely certain that it will meet your needs.

It has to be admitted that the advantages of the Autel Maxidas DS708 vehicle diagnostic system are many in number. They include:

• Coverage of a large number of automobile makes from domestic and foreign car manufacturers. Interestingly, if a particular car model does not feature on this scanner’s database, then you could always program the scanner to use a similar vehicle’s features.

• Fast and accurate diagnosis with intuitive features ensuring that problems with various components and sensors of the vehicle can be identified correctly. The sensor is able to scan various vehicular systems such as air conditioning, airbags, navigation etc.

• Wi-Fi feature with enables the scanner to have increased functionality

• Offers regular software updates to include newer models of cars as well as fix existing bugs.

The drawbacks of the Autel Maxidas DS708 include the fact that it takes some time to get used to. The menu options are sometimes very confusing, especially at the outset. However, these are minor problems considering that the user can quickly work around them. As a matter of fact, most people who buy this device are very clear that they do not mind dealing with these problems considering that there are so many advantages offered by the device.

The Launch x431 Diagun is another excellent scanner that has been getting rave reviews from users. It has a great many useful features that ensure ease and versatility of use. This scanner also has a large memory thanks to a 4GB card that it comes with. At the same time, you do need to be aware of the fact that enhanced memory alone will not be of much use unless it comes along with a large database. In fact, this is the main factor that causes the Autel Maxidas DS708 to score higher than it.

Overall, each scanner has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is best to buy one only after considering all factors so that you can get the best performance from it. After all, the quality of service you offer to your customers will depend on your ability to diagnose the problems with their vehicles.

Lexus LS 600h L Review – The Pros and Cons

The Lexus LS hybrid was much anticipated on the market, unfortunately it seems overall to be a disappointment. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about new hybrid offerings. With gas prices rising as rapidly as they are, fuel economy and miles per gallon are major concerns of the American Automobile consumer. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to strike a balance between the efficiency and environmental friendliness of a hybrid car, and the large powerful cars that up until recent years Americans have loved to buy.

The Lexus flagships of luxury sedans are always spacious, incredibly comfortable, and stylish. And the LS 600h is no exception. The long list of features and comfort items that the LS 600h comes with seems like it will never end, offering everything from radar-guided cruise control, self-parking, and a highly detailed but very intuitive to control console. Where the 600h falls flat isn’t in luxury, but in performance. Its competition tends to put powerful V12 engines in their sedans, and Lexus placed the most powerful V8 engine available on the market, and combined it with a Hybrid synergy drive, hoping to give the same performance as the V12, but at much better gas mileage.

Unfortunately, the addition of hybrid components adds a fairly considerable weight to the Lexus’s already hefty build. The increased weight of the engine and corresponding energy it takes to get the car moving, means that despite the increase in horsepower, the acceleration and performance is only about on par with the LS 460. And even though the fuel economy is 4 miles per gallon better in city driving, its gas mileage on the highway where you try to get the bulk up to high speed is actually /worse/. A lovely idea, and a beautiful car, but ultimately a disappointment in the hybrid market.

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GMC Yukon Hybrid Review – The Pros and Cons

The 2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid has been described as “impressive”, “stunning” and “magnificent” by both reviewers and owners. They’re not talking about the Yukon Hybrid’s performance, amenities or looks, although all are average or above. They’re talking, instead, about the fuel economy figures they see with this hefty hybrid.

Both of GM’s 2009 full-size SUV hybrid models, Yukon and Tahoe, feature the innovative, 2-mode hybrid system, introduced in 2008. Combined with GM’s active fuel management technology and a unique late-intake valve opening system, the computer-modulated 2-mode electronic variable transmission (EVT) technology translates into real savings at the pump.

Since its ’08 debut, the GMC Yukon Hybrid has boosted gas mileage nearly 30% compared with non-hybrid Yukon models. EPA estimates of 21 mpg/city and 22 mpg/hwy for the 2WD Yukon Hybrid and 20/20 for the 4WD model are, indeed, impressive.

A comprehensive list of standard amenities comes with the ’09 GMC Yukon Hybrid, including 8 passenger seating, leather 6-way adjustable front power seats and a sound-system-integrated GPS with back-up camera. In addition, the Yukon Hybrid features 6000- to 6200-pounds of towing capacity, anti-lock brakes and stability control.

With its 2-mode EVT system, a bit of aerodynamic tweaking and a 350lb-plus weight reduction in the wheels, body and cabin, yet still weighing in at nearly 5300-pounds, the 2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid is both big and “green”.

Starting at $50,945 for the 2WD ’09 Yukon Hybrid, and some $2,810 more for the 4WD, big and “green” is also pricy.

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Autozone Franchise Review

AutoZone is a retailer and distributor of automotive spare parts and accessories. The company is located in Memphis, Tennessee. It is a well established brand in the market place, providing franchise store with instantaneous recognition as the ‘Automotive Store of Choice’ in their area.

The company has an access to the widest variety of products in the premium brands and their own range of Exclusive Brands. This gives an opportunity to franchisees to differentiate their store from the rivalry, and also allows them to increase their margins.

  • Dedicated VIP Loyalty Program is designed by the company in order to encourage cash customers to approach franchise stores repeatedly.
  • In combination with a retail optimization consultancy, AutoZone also assists franchisees in order to find the best location for their store. This ensures that franchisee’s store is positioned in the highest catchment area, and this eventually ensures more feet coming in franchisee’s store.
  • Designing and customization of a store layout, is done by their Store Development Team with a floor plan, to make sure that the location suits the franchise store, franchisee’s needs and the market.
  • With immediate access to company’s progressive computer system, ordering products at all times is ‘just a click away’.
  • Their long history in the market place explains that they have deep-rooted and strong operational relationships with the suppliers in the automotive parts industry.
  • Company’s Marketing Department is persistently structuring the AutoZone brand with television advertising, leaflets and various other promotional techniques. This ensures that franchisee’s customers are always being reminded that the company is the best suitable for shopping for automotive parts and spares.
  • The AutoZone Family comprises the AutoZone Service Centre that assists franchisees with developing and launching of their store. Other facilities available for franchisees include multi-media Call Centre, Buying Department, Legal Department, and Marketing Department.
  • Company has got a dedicated Buying Department whose role is to ensure that franchisees are supplied with the best quality products at economical prices.
  • Company’s product range lists over 90,000 Stock-keeping units, and its top-notch warehousing facility makes it possible for franchisees to order all of the products from just one place.
  • In order to ensure financial and banking services more accessible & affordable to franchisees, Autozone has conferred special rates and services from leading financial institutions.
  • Company’s strong sense of Family has ensured that franchisees’ workers will have an access to enhanced services such as health care, pension funds and funeral cover.
  • Additional training in a variety of business skills is offered by AutoZone’s newly opened Business Skills Development Training Centre. This training covers Catalogue Training, Income Statement Analysis and more.

When looking to start any business it is important, particularly considering today’s market, that you look for specific ways to cut minimize or reduce overhead and risk. Any business is going to have risk, but it is important to have a full understanding of the amount of investment, startup cost and “ROI” (Return on Investment).

Most people are not aware that 80% of ALL franchise endeavors fail in the first two to five years leaving large debts looming for years thereafter.

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Chips Away – A Simple Review

The ChipsAway (CA) franchise was started in 1988 with several people who had over 65 years of automotive restoration experience saw a vast need for a professional and economical way to solve chipped paint and other automotive problems caused by everyday driving.

The system was initially developed for professional use only, but subsequent research and development has simplified the CA system, thus allowing anyone to be trained to make high quality repairs.

CA’s reputation for delivering superior quality, and unsurpassed training and support has allowed CA to spread worldwide with hundreds of CA licensees who enjoy earning a tremendous income.

Regardless of who pays for the repairs, the consumer or auto dealer, they have to choose one of the following three options:

The Body Shop – In order to insure a high quality, permanent repair, current body shop paint technology requires entire panels to be repainted, even for the small scratches or chips. With labor, material, and environmental waste removal expenses, the average body shop would have to charge hundreds of dollars for these types of repairs, and normally require the vehicle in their shop for several days.

Touch Up – Paint touch-up systems normally consist of conventional auto body paint being applied in a very un-conventional manner. Some dab paint on with a brush or a Q-tip, others spray it through an airbrush, and others shoot it through a hypodermic needle. Most repairs done in this manner are inexpensive, but the quality of repair is normally very poor.

The unique CA process allows you to offer retail consumers, auto dealers, rental car companies and insurance companies with high quality, permanent repairs for approximately a third of what would be expected at a body shop. With the CA paint restoration process, most repairs are completed in less than an hour, right in the parking lot or even the retail customer’s driveway. CA’s exact match blended paints are designed to mix and test within minutes, right in front of the customer, assuring total quality satisfaction.

ChipsAway offers you limited markets…

– Retail Mobile Services

Many CA licensees provide services at people’s homes and offices, repairing scratches and scuffs on late model automobiles. The customer receives high quality, reasonably priced repairs within hours instead of days, and with guaranteed color match.

– Wholesale Mobile Service

Each mobile unit establishes a route consisting of five to eight automotive related customers, like new and used car dealers, lease companies, detail shops and body shops, that will grow to depend on the weekly visit from their CA licensee.

– Market Potential

CA research indicates that each market of one million people has an average of 450 new and used car dealers and 1500 secondary type customers like auto body shops, car washes, reconditioning shops, auto customizing shops, and automotive repair shops.

– Store Front Location Services

Insurance studies indicate that the average vehicle with more than 15,000 miles has between $250 and $500 of cosmetic paint damage. Damage like small scratches, bumper scuffs, damaged wheels, wheel covers etc. Commonly, people are disappointed to find that almost all of these types of repairs fall below their deductible, thus creating a public relations problem for insurance companies.

As an Authorized CA Repair Facility you can make repairs to key scratches, bumper scuffs, damaged wheels and wheel covers for a fraction of the normal cost.

The system includes International Paint Formulas, and over one hundred CA tints and special additives to mix paints for all current and late models automobiles sold throughout the world.

CA even has a Spot Repair System which extends your capabilities to include repairing key scratches, bumper scuffs, wheel covers, etc.

While I am not a CA franchise owner I do have over 20 years of experience in the paint repair industry, and the CA system appears to be top notch in my book. The only thing missing is knowledge on how to market yourself online. This would include regional internet marketing at no, or very low cost

As with all franchises, do your own homework on the company. Check the referrals on their website and be sure to talk to a licensee.

With proper internet advertising, the Chips Away method could be a winner for you! A good internet marketing and mentoring coach can show you how to do this at a fraction of the cost of the CA franchise.

Using proven training and consistent effort, Kevin A. Ewing is a successful entrepreneur and online business owner.