Fuel Legacy and EEFuel Review – Scam Or Miracle Fuel Additive?

Fuel Legacy, or Nonotech Fuel Technology Inc., is based out of Livermore, California. The company manufactures eeFuel, which is a fuel additive which they distribute through network marketing channels. The company claims that eeFuel can improve gas mileage,engine performance, extend the life of an engine, decrease engine knocks, and, who knows, leap over tall buildings with a single bound!!

“Night Rider” would be proud!

The company co-founder is Simon Procopenko. He is a well known entrepreneur in the northern part of California. Simon primarily learned his entrepreneurial “ropes” in the lumber industry, where he transformed a tiny retail operation in to a 20 million dollar a year business. His network marketing experience began in 2001 with NuSkin. He achieved executive distributor status, and built a large international team. He had previous experience with fuel additives as a major “player” with 4E Company. His vision has been to expand on his success with 4E Company by ramping up Nanotech Fuel Technology. Simon has always been an ardent environmentalist and he has passed that philosophy on to Fuel legacy.

The company features a binary compensation plan, which has unlimited width and pays 7 levels deep. The plan also features fast start and mentoring bonuses, and a unique leadership check matching bonus. In addition to a car bonus program, distributors are given free personalized websites. Distributors have the opportunity to purchase the product at wholesale, and sell it at retail. eeFuel is sold in small individual quantities of 4 ounces, and the retail cost is 26.99. Distributors purchase the product for 19.99, so the commission is about 35%.

4 ounces?

Yep, this is some MEGA concentrated stuff. They suggest 8 ml per 10 gallons of gas. The company offers a handy measuring bottle for determining the right amount of eeFuel. Fuel Legacy claims that eeFuel can save consumers between 2 and 3 dollars for every dollar spent on the product.

The company website provides testimonials and some independent research proving the effectiveness of the product. The research I looked at stated that eeFuel improved gas mileage for users between 5%-8%. Certainly worthwhile, but not life changing!

In conclusion, I do not know a thing about Nano Technolgy, and I won’t bore you with the science. The claims made by the company seem a little hard to believe. I also discovered that some cars do not respond to the fuel additive at all! Another factor to be considered is competition. The major automobile manufacturers such as Toyota and G.M. spend millions on product research and development. In a relatively short time, a product could be developed that has all the benefits that eeFuel contains. And, probably at a lower cost. Short term, Fuel Legacy may be a good opportunity. Long term, the opportunity is suspect at best.