Actron CP785 – An Interesting Review

Actron 7875 has become a favorite desk toy to most of us. You can measure electronics, windows, AC vents, or even for ghost hunting. Actron CP7875 has a very nice interface that allows you to easily read the result display from bright sunlight to middle of the night. It’s a very useful gadget to carry around in a car, office, home or even when you’re going on a camp.

It would be wise thing to keep these infrared thermometers in your cars. So whenever needed you can use these CP7875 to check for spark plug or a hot manifold. It’s also very helpful to find air leaks around your home using this Actron. It will help you save some amount of money on power bill.

These infrared digital thermometers have 1:1 spot ratio, it means that if you hold them 10 inches away from any surfaces, they will check a 10 inches circle, much bigger than your hand. So, in case you want to know the temperature of your hot coffee, you may hold it about an inch away from your coffee cup or nearer.

For fun (please don’t laugh), you can also check your inner ear temperature which is somehow difficult when using conventional thermometers, but for Actron CP7875 it’s a piece of cake.

Actron CP7875 is very ergonomic and fits perfectly in your palm. Basically there are two buttons on this thermometer. First button is to read the temperature, and the other one is to change the degrees from Fahrenheit to Celsius. To read the temperature you simply press the first button and it starts reading, when you release it the reading stops and displays the temperature for 3 seconds.

The highest temperature is recorded and displayed on the top right corner of the screen. This CP7875 can read from -27 degrees of Fahrenheit to 428 degrees.

Actron CP7875 is designed to take the temperature samples of engines and heating elements, that’s why it can read such high temperature. The only problem is the battery’s cover that’s screwed on, in order to replace the battery you need a precision screwdriver and a cell batteries. I think it’s more practical if the company decide to use “Triple A’s” batteries on Actron CP7875.