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Colors On Parade Franchise Opportunity Review

What is Colors on Parade?

Colors on Parade franchise is a great option that can give you opportunity to work in automotive industry with low investments. It is a leader in automotive repair industry and offers the a great business for those who like to work in automotive repairing industry.

Colors on Parade brings the concept of the original body shop, on wheels. It has been a leader in automotive repairing industry for the last 20 years. It offers a variety of repairing services through its network of 300 franchises all over United States. Auto dealers, body shops, fleet operators and consumers can get on site repair services like paint repair, interior repair and dent removal services. Self-motivated people who enjoy working outdoors are a perfect candidate for this franchise. Colors on Parade is consistently a top ranked franchise in the Entrepreneur magazine 500 top franchises report.

Advantages of becoming Colors On Parade Franchise

The automobile repairing industry is very resistant to economy fluctuations and still in great demand compared to other businesses. With an automotive repairing leader like Colors on Parade, you can get a unique opportunity to develop your business easily. The mobile and home based business model of its franchise makes it low cost and cuts all overheads and setup costs. There are several benefits of Colors on Parade franchise. They are –

· It provides you the latest technology, training and quality services in the automotive appearance industry.

· Your customer base can be widespread through each customer to auto dealers and body shops. With quality and prompt services, there are enormous opportunities to grow your business in your area.

· To own this franchise, you do not need to have automotive experience. All training concerned with the services is provided by Colors on Parade.

· The two-layered franchise system of Colors on Parade, offer two different ownership opportunities as area developer and operator franchise. Operator franchises are engaged in providing services while area developer offer on site support to all operators and develop business over the defined area. The area developers can offer operator franchises in their area.

The Investment

As an operator franchise, the initial franchise fee investment is $15000. Area developer franchisees have a franchise fee of $25000. The total investment of $45000 to $60000 includes the franchise fee, mobile unit down payment, laptop, training and software. The van unit with equipment ranges from $15000 to $30000 depending on whether you have your own vehicle. Royalty fee is 7-30% and the agreement is for 10 years. It is renewable and the renew fee varies in different cases.

Colors on Parade is an established company in the automobile appearance repairing industry. It’s mobile franchise unit saves setup costs and overheads in developing your business. Whether you go for operator franchise or area developer franchise, there are many growth opportunities for your business. Training, support and access to the latest technologies and marketing support by Colors on Parade helps you to become a successful business owner.

Autobook Review – "Six Men Who Built the Modern Auto Industry"

Based on the lives of six great icons of the auto industry, this book takes you through their inspiration, egos, collaborative and competitive spirit, and their passion to succeed. Enchantingly written by Richard Johnson, it compels the reader to ride the surf of the auto industry with the six icons.

Each of the six personalities discussed in the book had an aura of zeal about them and have left everlasting imprints on the automotive industry.

Henry Ford II (September 4, 1917 – September 29, 1987): The grandson of the founder of Ford Motor Company was a strategic thought leader and had a unique managerial style. His hiring and firing of Lee Iacocca, and propelling the company to become the fourth largest industrial corporation in the world by 1980 when he retired, are some of the popular events of his career.

Lee Iacocca (October 15, 1924 – ): He’s known as the brains behind the success of the Ford Mustang and a savior of Chrysler. His recognition for his “56 for 56” campaign, then moving up to become the President of the Ford Division, and his differences with Henry Ford II that led to him being fired are some popular parts of his career.

Soichiro Honda (November 17, 1906 – August 5, 1991): He was the father of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., who took the company as well as Japanese car manufacturing industry to new heights. Even at age 77, he held a private pilot’s license, loved to ski, hang-glide and enjoyed ballooning.

Eberhard von Kuenheim (October 2, 1928 – ) He’s considered as the father of modern BMW, who’s credited with transforming a small Bavarian manufacturer into a worldwide name. One of his famous quotes is “At great altitude, the eagle prefers to fly alone.”

The book is also distinct as it brings to light several instances that weren’t in the public domain before.

To know more about the book and the personalities it talks about, follow me through the URL below.

Paint Bull Review

Paint Bull is a ground-up, low-cost franchise specializing in the automotive appearance industry and has been in operation since 1989. These folks have thought of everything! Have a look at the features of this franchise.

First of all, they’ll give you 2 weeks hands-on instruction. The first week would be at their training facility in Detroit (Motor City) MI. This is the only training center in the entire country specifically designed for the Automotive Appearance Repair Industry. The second week, you will train in the field on a real route with one of their own technicians. You’ll see the business first hand. Paint Bull operates their own fleet of trucks (the largest fleet of mobile repair vehicles in Michigan,) so they test every process in the field before it is passed to you. Next, a field sales rep flies to your location and helps you contact car dealers and other auto businesses that can feed your new beast. Support is great. They have a fully-stocked warehouse with every tool you will need to execute beautification on the entire auto world and, of course, they have an 800 number. Paint Bull has qualified as a Champion Distributor with Dupont/Standox Corporation which allows them to have direct access to all the benefits of the world’s largest paint manufacturer, and that includes their technical expertise. PB will even teach you how to set up your business tax structure for dealing with Uncle Sam. This business will have great tax advantages!

There are three different franchise packages.

  1. The Platinum Package is designed for the individual with sales and business experience within the Automotive Repair Industry who has the contacts but just needs the equipment and training to put a business together.
  2. With the Small Business Package, you can offer customers a premium paint polishing service, touch-up paint damage on chips, nicks and scratches, restore headlights to shiny new condition, and repair bulls-eyes and stars in windshields.
  3. The most popular program for starting a new business, the Field Training Package, has been designed for the person with little or no prior business experience in the automotive restoration industry. The Field Training Package is a Turn Key Program focused on providing a complete Mobile Paint Repair Business.

All in all, a great low-cost package with no experience required. In general, a one-truck operation grosses about $100,000 a year and carries a price tag of $5,000 – $30,000. Paint Bull may prove to be a good buy. If you’re looking for something less expensive with a potentially larger income and requiring no experience, have a look below.