Nissan GT-R Liberty Walk Body Kit

Nissan GT-R has become one of the iconic sports cars to date. In fact, various home modifications to release a special body kit to make the car appear more ferocious. This is an extraordinary condition, and this is exciting news for lovers of the Nissan GT-R.

If you often surf the internet maybe you will find out that the body of the Nissan GT-R Liberty Walk edition was recently released. The modification component is offered in several different materials. First is a carbon body kit. This type is priced at USD70,200 and USD73,570. The price is even more expensive than the used Nissan GT-R in the United States.

Then there is a mixture of FRP with carbon priced at USD54,540 and USD53,050. Whereas FRP, CFRP and carbon materials are sold at cheaper USD43,960 and USD42,880. Very fantastic price, right?

Meanwhile, body kits with pure FRP material are the cheapest options, USD34,020 and USD33,480. Also offered a water suspension which is priced around USD 7,900.

This body kit successfully made the Nissan GT-R become more sporty and more attractive to many modifiers. However, there is no change in the spur sector, it still relies on a 3,800cc twin-turbo V6 engine powered at 480 hp. In other words, if you want to modify the Nissan GT-R, then you have to give up your car in terms of speed and acceleration.