Install Car Air Suspension

Car modification is not only about appearance, but also about comfort. One way to get comfort in a car is to pinch air suspension. In addition to slamming becomes more soft, this component can make the ground clearance shorter.

This type of air suspension turned out to start from a simple idea, which is to combine diverse capabilities per in one container. Unfortunately, the complex system makes the price and maintenance simple. So do not be surprised if the air suspension is usually only used by premium cars as a standard suspension. Because mass production cars still rely on conventional springs and shock absorbs.

Air suspension is more widely used in modifications. Especially for those who often participate in modification contests, because the height of the suspension can be adjusted just by pressing the button so that it is suitable to take part in the modification competition.

Unfortunately the convenience must be paid handsomely which is one of the shortcomings of the water suspension itself. The price of air suspension packages ranges from USD1,296.14 to USD3,600,39. This price is indeed suitable for the pockets of premium car owners. Well, if you are among those premium car lovers who have unlimited funds, then you should prioritize driving comfort.