More Complete and Safer Features – KIA Grand Sedona Diesel 2019

KIA Grand Sedona Diesel 2019 really does not play in plugging competition in the car market. All KIA output cars are full of attractive and full features namely KIA All New Picanto and All New Rio, KIA also presents the KIA Grand Sedona Diesel 2019 which now offers more complete features and also guarantees higher safety.

Big MPV from Korea is bluffing other opponents from Japan. Because based on test results on the KIA Grand Sedona alert in 2018, this large MPV diesel engined car has the potential to bulldoze opponents in its class. In addition to being free in the cabin, the engine is also fun to use on long trips.

From the front, a direct difference can be seen from the previous model. Now, the latest KIA Grand Sedona uses a grille with a new design that is plated in chrome finishing that gives a touch of aura more luxurious. The shape of the bumper is even more sweet with the presence of chrome trim which flanks the LED Fog Lamp tech.

Bringing the 2019 KIA Grand Sedona Diesel runs in the darkness of the night will also be calmer thanks to the front headlights that already use LED technology. The previous Grand Sedona still relied on an ordinary halogen bulb. This LED technology lamp provides brighter lighting, saves power, and has a quick response when turned on.

While on the side, this KIA Grand Sedona Diesel car does not show any difference from the KIA Grand Sedona that was sold a year earlier. Still with a big figure, this car gets two tone alloy wheels 18 inches in diameter combined with tire alert Kumho 235/60 R18.

At the rear, the difference with the previous edition is at the bottom of the rear bumper of the KIA Grand Sedona. Now there is a more sporty use of curves in the cat’s eye house on each side than before that extends flat. While the rear lights are still retained from the previous model, but now it uses LED technology.

Although prioritizing functional elements and using quality leather, however, there is no significant difference in the dashboard of the Kia Grand Sedona 2019 when compared to the 2016 models. The design is fairly classic for the digital era that is currently developing. But you do not worry, abundant storage provides advantages in terms of practicality and air conditioning settings are also already digital technology.